Deduktia Ltd. specializes in utilizing scientific research. Deduktia’s mission is to promote knowledge-intensive society. In such a society, both goals and decisions are based on research knowledge and the evaluation of its significance.

Application of research has an extensive potential in business. Scientific knowledge can help in foresight and strategic planning. Natural sciences, humanities, social sciences and philosophy provide wide ranging expertise to companies and other organizations. Deduktia helps companies to access and exploit this valuable data source resource as efficiently as possible.

Deduktia connects the science and research community with the rest of society. The impact of research will be increased through collaboration and communication. Contacts with end-users of research can also create new perspectives for research itself.


Deduktia in a nutshell:

  • Provides new, research-based, reliable knowledge to support decision-making in businesses and other organizations.
  • Helps in applying knowledge to practice.
  • Plans for the long-term exploitation and deepening of knowledge.
  • Promotes the societal impact of academic research.


Companies can make use of scientific expertise, for example in the following areas:

  • Entering new markets.
  • Product and service development.
  • Assessing and revising business principles, strategies and working methods.


Examples of Deduktia’s clients:

  • Businesses looking for future-oriented insights for business planning.
  • Researchers and institutions in the science and research community willing to promote research utilization and the societal impact of science.