Science for Business Services

Acquiring new information requires systematic research, assessment and reasoning. Scientific research is the most systematic way to generate new knowledge. Deduktia helps businesses to find relevant scientific knowledge and to apply it successfully and efficiently.

Decision-making in a complex world is not always easy. A growing and successful business can make the right decisions in the right places. Scientifically grounded knowledge, which has been tailored to meet the client’s objectives, helps the client in problem-solving and decision-making, as well as in business development processes.


Deduktia provides a business intelligence consultancy for businesses:

  • Knowledge about business planning, decision-making and risk assessment (eg. knowledge about ongoing changes in society and their consequences).
  • Knowledge about product and service development (eg. changes in consumer / customer behaviour).
  • Knowledge about assessing the client’s own methods and practices.
  • Support and assistance in applying available knowledge in actual decision-making situations.


Business & Science Service


The service provides:

  • A research-based analysis to promote the client’s goals.
  • Conclusions based on the analysis.


Stages of the service:

  • The client’s situation is identified and the objectives of the service are defined.
  • A research-based analysis is produced by a scientific expert. The analysis includes:
    • Abstracts of the most relevant scientific research papers.
    • A summary of the research papers connecting the objectives of the service to academic research.
  • The analysis is presented to the client and the significance of the results is evaluated. Appropriate conclusions are drawn in collaboration with the client.

Stages of the service