Our Experts

Our client projects are implemented in collaboration with academic top-rank experts. We keep constantly expanding our global network of high-level researchers.  In this way, our service model provides each client a possibility to benefit from international state-of-the-art academic knowledge.

The chief executive officer of Deduktia is Ruurik Holm:

  • Philosopher, academic consultant, researcher, adviser, speaker.
  • Four years of experience in management consulting.
  • Extensive networks of highly qualified exeperts in Finland and globally.
  • Doctor of Philosophy. Theoretical philosophy, University of Helsinki.
  • Published papers on philosophy of science and logic.
  • Member of the Finnish Management Consultants Association LJK.
  • Phone. +358 40 528 9399
  • Email: ruurik.holm (at) deduktia.com
  • LinkedIn: Ruurik Holm
  • Skype: ruurik.holm