Our Team

Ruurik Holm:


– I have a PhD in philosophy, and I have published several peer-reviewed articles in the field of logic and philosophy of science. In addition, I have just published a book about individual freedom and welfare state (in Finnish):


My new book (work in progress) will be about “Business philosophy — the purpose and duties of commercial enterprises”.

I have experience of management concultancy in both private and public sector. I have been a leader of a societal think tank, a planning officer in a university research assessment excercise and a researcher in philosophy of science and logic in Helsinki, Utrecht and Groningen.

Moreover, I have acted as the legal representative of a European think tank organization.

  • Philosopher, academic consultant, researcher, adviser, speaker.
  • Doctor of Philosophy. Theoretical philosophy, University of Helsinki.
  • Member of the Finnish Management Consultants Association LJK.
  • Member of the Licensing Executives Society (LES) Scandinavia.
  • Deduktia Ltd is a member of the European Knowledge Transfer Society.
  • Associate Member of the Institute of Knowledge Transfer (AMInstKT).
  • Member of the Canadian Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Community of Practice.
  • Phone. +358 40 528 9399
  • Email: ruurik.holm (at) deduktia.com
  • LinkedIn: Ruurik Holm
  • Skype: ruurik.holm