Research Impact Services

Deduktia helps the scientific community to promote the use of academic research in businesses, the public sector and the NGOs. Interaction between research and the rest of society contributes to the development of a knowledge-intensive economy. Collaboration between researchers and end-users of research can create new ideas and perspectives on research work.


Deduktia’s impact services provide:

  • Contacts and collaborations with businesses and political decision-makers.
  • Expertise on applying research to practice.
  • Scientifically grounded support for decision-making processes of public institutions.


Impact Plan Service


The service produces an impact plan which defines:

  • The impact goals of the client.
  • Means to achieve the goals.
  • Impact indicators.
  • Achievement monitoring and a method for updating the plan.


Stages of the service:

  • The client’s impact goals are defined.
  • The path from science to impact goals is outlined. What should happen in order to achieve the goals? What obstacles would have to be overcome?
  • The target groups are identified. How these groups should respond / act / change their behaviour in order to achieve the impact goals?
  • The effectiveness indicators are identified. What can indicate that the effectiveness goals have been partly or fully achieved? Can impact be measured?
  • It is explained why the chosen measures lead to the desired results.
  • It is explained how the implementation of the plan is monitored and how the plan is updated.