Selected references

Novatron Ltd

The project produced a 50-page research review on the robotisation of earth-moving machines. The expert author of the project was an Australia-based professor of the field. Novatron could use the results of the report for example for recruitment of new employees and introducing the themes and topics to clients and other collaboration partners.


Citrus Solutions Ltd

A 45-page research review on the current state of leal automation, based on academic publications and consultancy reports. The review was authored by an internationally renown Australia-based professor. The client could use the results of the report especially in client communication and developing legal tech services.


Helsinki-filmi Ltd

A research review on the preferenences of cinema viewers in the context of major societal crisis. The review was authored by a well-known British professor.


Eteva Joint Authority

The project produced a very extensive English-language research review on the state-of-the-art of autism research. The bibliography of the report comprised 450 academic references. The review was written by three international autism research experts, Anthony Bailey, Karen Guldberga and Simon Wallace. The review was translated into Finnish and also a Finnish-language policy brief was written. The review received a plenty of attention after publication. It can be downloaded from here:


Elite Palkitsemispalvelut Ltd

Two projects. The first one produced an extensive research review on the state-of-the-art of employee reward management, especially concerning financial rewards for rank-and-file employees in private sector companies. An internationally renown British professor authored the research review.

The second project investigated how one has evaluated the functioning and success of various pay-for-performance models in businesses and other organizations. By dwelling into the research around this topic we were able to find empirical results concerning the issue and factors behind the succeess and failure of these models. The project produced a research review as its concrete output. The review was authored by the same expert as above.


Solu Digital Ltd

A research review on virtual teams and a white paper on the significance of trust in building virtual teams. An academic expert played a major role in the project.


Midagon Ltd

Investigation based on academic literature on the success and failure factors of large-scale ICT transformation projects. Two consecutive projects. Third project on benefits realisation of digital transformation. Well-known professors of information science and software development played a major role in the analysis.


ProcurePlaza Ltd

The project worked on the B2B buying platform developed by ProcurePlaza. The benefits for SMEs, big enterprises and accountancy services were specified and clarified. The accessibility and informativeness of the customer interface was improved.


RavinteliSofta Ltd (TuloPOS register system)

The project outlined the concept for a digital service product making use of hospitality business purchase data. The concept specified the desired features of the product and further steps to develop the full version of the product. The project made us of a research review on restaurant business customer segmentation. The ready-made product was considered to have a very high potential in the international market.


Ediste Ltd

Investigation and report on a client issue based on scientific literature.


SportIdent Finland (Simovaara Ltd)

Investigation of the commercial potential of a orienteering timing system on the basis of product information.


Autrosafe Ltd

Investigation of the commercial potential of an emergency and guiding light system.


Lejos Ltd

Contacts with the science and research community. Investigation of collaboration possibilities.


ScenoProt Consortium of Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland

Societal interaction of scientific research, for example contacts with ministries and other government institutions.


PALO Consortium of Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland

Consultation in preparing the funding application. Preparing for the oral interview. Participation in the planning and implementing a brainstorming session. Consultation in writing the interaction plan.



Consultation and presentation concerning a major issue in the strategy of the central organization STTK.