Scientia est potentia. Science-based consulting meets the future challenges of your business.


Deduktia Ltd. specializes in utilizing scientific research. Deduktia’s mission is to promote knowledge-intensive society. In such a society, both goals and decisions are based on research knowledge and the evaluation of its significance.

Science for Business Services

Acquiring new information requires systematic search, assessment and reasoning. Scientific research is the most systematic way to generate new knowledge. Deduktia helps businesses to find relevant scientific knowledge and to apply it successfully and efficiently.

Research Impact Services

Deduktia helps the scientific community to promote the use of academic research in businesses, the public sector and the NGOs. Interaction between research and the rest of society contributes to the development of a knowledge-intensive economy. Collaboration between researchers and end-users of research can create new ideas and perspectives to research work.

Selected clients

SportIdent Finland
Autrosafe Ltd
Lejos Ltd
ScenoProt consortium, Academy of Finland
FireShot Capture 2 - Ediste – Tuotteistaminen huippunopeasti - https___ediste.fi_
Ediste Ltd
FireShot Capture 3 - Ulkoministeriö - http___formin.finland.fi_Public_default.aspx_
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
PALO consortium, Academy of Finland